Cameron's Measurement Systems卡麦隆测量系统(原NUFLO测量系统)

卡麦隆测量系统设计,制造和销售流量及控制类仪表,其产品遍及石油天然气和工艺控制工业.2003年,通过并购三家著名的仪表测量公司,即Barton仪表系统,Halliburton测量系统和PMC工业公司成立了卡麦龙测量系统;之后又相继收购了North Star流量产品公司,Caldon公司,Polarteck2000公司和挪威Sentech公司.这些公司为卡麦隆测量系统提供了数十年的专业经验,忠实的客户和竞争的实力,目前,卡麦隆测量系统的主要产品包括:差压记录仪,涡轮流量计,流量积算仪,刮板流量计,全自动取样系统,超声波流量计和油中含水分析仪等。 卡麦隆测量系统的旗舰品牌包括BARTON,NUFLO,CLIF MOCK和CALDON

A strategic competitive advantage of Cameron's Measurement Systems division is the breadth and depth of it s product portfolio. From orifice fittings to ultrasonic meters, and from primary elements to flow computers, Cameron has the capability to package a broad range of customized solutions. A foundation “ packaging” product is Cameron's newly launched Scanner 2000 microEFM, an easy to use, ultra low power flow computer that delivers flow computer functionality at chart recorder pricing. Since its introduction in early 2008 the Scanner 2000 has been used with Turbine, DP Cone and Orifice meters. It works in gas, liquid and steam applications and has proven itself an ideal solution for applications including (but not limited to): Coalbed Methane Measurement, Class I, Division 1 refineries, SCADA systems that require Modbus communications, and three phase separators.

Turbine Meters (Gas, Liquid)
MC Totalizers
DP Cone Meters
Scanner Flow Computers
Water Cut Analyzers
Orifice Plates, Fittings
Single & Dual Chamber Meter Runs
FCX Transmitters
Relief Valves
Level Profile Meters

Chart Recorders & Controllers
Switches & Indicators
Turbine Meters
Floco / Flotrac PD Meters

Ultrasonic Meters
Interface Detectors


Sampling Products
True Cut Sampling Systems


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